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OB-14 in Canadian Archipelago!

Hunters found OB-14 near Gates Head island in the west Victoria Straits while Polar Bear hunting recently (March 2018)

O-Buoy Deployments and Data Coverage

As of August 2016, 18 deployments have been carried out, with 15 O-Buoys, extending from 2009 through 2016 and counting.

We will have high data density in Spring time, which is the key season for atmospheric halogen observations, and in Fall.  This makes the O-Buoy project data collection an incredible success and gives us a highly detailed (both temporal and spatial resolution, Fig. 1A, B) data set for testing our understanding of atmospheric halogen chemistry and its relationship to sea ice / snowpack / meteorology. This was our last deployment and observational period, as deployments straddled our 5th year and this 6th, no-cost-extension year (2015-2016) when the last two field campaigns happened in Fall 2015 (NABOS in September and Beaufort Gyre in October 2015).

O-Buoy 5 Testing

Chris Williams working on O-Buoy 6

O-Buoy 5 vertical cold test at CRREL

In order to make sure the deployment of O-Buoy 5 is successful, many different tests must be made. One of the tests conducted at CRREL is the cold test. CRREL has a two story cold room to allow the O-Buoy to be tested at temperatures as low as -20 Celsius in preparation for Arctic operations. The cold test is performed in horizontal and vertical positions to insure proper functionality. During this test, data from the carbon dioxide, ozone, and bromine oxide sensors are analyzed and adjustments made if necessary. Once the last connections have been made and tested, O-Buoy 5 will be crated and shipped to St. Johns Newfoundland were it will be loaded aboard the Canadian Icebreaker Louis S. St-Laurent.