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OB-14 now in Canadian Archipelago (April 18, 2017)

OB-14 continues to very slowly move southwards through the Canadian Archipelago



OB-9 has had a long transit since summer 2013!

OB-9 was deployed in the East Siberian Sea in late summer 2013; since then it drifted south past the North Pole, towards GO-Buoy drift tracks on 9/1/2015reenland and is now exiting the Arctic Ocean via Fram Strait, east of Greenland, among many ice floes large and small as well as open water. You can see a movie loop of its voyage here as well as daily pictures and data here.

NABOS 2015

Cruise track for the 2015 NABOS cruise. O-Buoys will be deployed at cluster locations indicated with a diamond-shaped marker

Cruise track for the 2015 NABOS cruise. O-Buoys will be deployed at cluster locations indicated with a diamond-shaped marker

Carlton Rauschenberg is on his way to the E. Siberian Sea with 2 O-Buoys to deploy, as part of the 2015 NABOS expedition. You can follow the ship and its activities here.

OB-6 lost in 2012 re-appears off the Faroe Islands

OB-6 was deployed at North Pole Environmental Observatory in April 2012; it sampled through that summer and fall, eventually disappearing in the ice field that leaves through Fram Strait in late October – as can be seen in its movie at http://obuoy.datatransport.org/monitor#buoy6/movie.

It was picked up off the Faroe Islands 2.5 years later, brought to shore, dismantled, and the main components returned to CRREL to be examined. As expected, although all internal components were still there and intact, all were corroded by seawater that most likely goOB-6 from Faroest in through the openings left by the sensors sheared from the mast.

2015 Deployments

Two O-Buoys will be deployed this 2015 fall in the Beaufort Gyre from the CCGS Louis St. Laurent by Wes Halfacre (Purdue U.) and two more in the E. Siberian Sea from the I/B Kapitan Dranitsyn  or Akademik Fedorov by Carlton Rauschenberg (Bigelow Laboratory). Three of the buoys are new ones, while the fourth one was previously deployed as OB-8 in the Beaufort; now ready to go again. These will be the last deployments with the currently funded project. The data should stream for 1-2 years. As always, O-Buoy data and images can be found in the ACADIS data portal.

Stay tuned for real time updates this coming fall!


Ready To Roll


The Bar

The Lounge


Officers Mess


Crews Mess


The Gym


Last Ice Station

Today we had one last ice station. Here are a few pictures on the ice flow.


Blue River



On The Edge

Big Orange Thumbs

The Group







Another Day

Another day and another ice station complete. Have a look.

Arctic Sky


The Louis


Foggy Ice

I know. Enough is enough right? Here are some color shots and one even has people in it!

Foggy Day

Loading Up





Deployment Day

From the Ship

O-Buoy 5 was successfully deposited in the ice today. We got on the ice around 10 in the morning and went straight to work. Everything went smoothly and so far all the instruments appear to be working properly. The weather was lovely! Here are a few pictures of the deployment.

Going Down


In the Hole


Birds Eye View




Helicopter Melt Pond

OB-5 and Louis