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2012 Summer Deployments

O-Buoy 7

Everything went like clockwork as O-Buoy 7 and O-Buoy 8 were deployed in the Beaufort Sea this summer. The JOIS 2012 expedition once again took place on board the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Louis S. St-Laurnet. The expedition departed from Kugluktuk on August 2 and again returned to Kugluktuk on September 8. O-Buoy 7 was deployed on September 26 and O-Buoy 8 was deployed on September 27.

2012 JOIS Cruise Track












North Pole Deployment Success

With a little help from my friends

O-Buoy 6 was successfully deployed at the North Pole in early April 2012. Chris Williams (CRREL) and Steve Walsh (UAF) deployed O-Buoy 6 at the North Pole Environmental Observatory (NPEO). Since 2000, a team of international scientists have been deploying  unmanned research instruments at NPEO to collect valuable information about the changing arctic. This is the first year that an O-Buoy has been deployed at NPEO. Hopefully it will not be the last. If you follow the link above to the NPEO webpage you can see O-Buoy 6 in the distance of webcam 2.







Ready To Roll


The Bar

The Lounge


Officers Mess


Crews Mess


The Gym


Last Ice Station

Today we had one last ice station. Here are a few pictures on the ice flow.


Blue River



On The Edge

Big Orange Thumbs

The Group







Another Day

Another day and another ice station complete. Have a look.

Arctic Sky


The Louis


Foggy Ice

I know. Enough is enough right? Here are some color shots and one even has people in it!

Foggy Day

Loading Up





Deployment Day

From the Ship

O-Buoy 5 was successfully deposited in the ice today. We got on the ice around 10 in the morning and went straight to work. Everything went smoothly and so far all the instruments appear to be working properly. The weather was lovely! Here are a few pictures of the deployment.

Going Down


In the Hole


Birds Eye View




Helicopter Melt Pond

OB-5 and Louis




And we’re back

Hello again. We made it to 79 N so when we get that far the internet does not work on the ship. We had an engine room tour a few days ago and here are some pictures of what you missed.


Spinning Shafts




Engine Room Lights


Control Panel








With a little help from our friends!

That’s all it took to get the job done today. Wes and I needed to mount the flotation collar to the buoy. With each being wet and weighing several hundred pounds a piece, thank goodness we had friends to help us. Now that the collar is attached we are ready to deploy. Looks like it might be in the next week or so. I’ll keep you posted.

Flotation Collar Mounted (Front View)

Rear View

Thinking Spot




Strange Light



All Set

Port Side Deck




Little Nook

Dinner Time

Broken Ice