The main buoy housing is an aluminum cylinder 2.4 m long and 0.3 m in diameter. Three Primary Lithium battery packs, two cylinders containing CO2 calibration gases, Iridium communication equipment, O3 Instruments, Power control and Supervisory CPU, CR1000 CSI data logger, CO2, and DOAS instruments are all placed inside the main housing. A 2 meter high tower is placed on top the buoy, where meteorological sensors, camera, GPS, and DOAS scan head are mounted. Connections are made between the tower and the main housing using Amphenol Class E Environmental connectors. A Gilman Corporation Type 1000 floatation collar provides buoyancy if the buoy melts free of the ice. The collar is 1.1 m OD X 0.64 m HT and provides 482 kg of buoyancy.

Buoy housing with top section standing in background

Internal frame sliding into housing

Top plate of housing